What is Digital Booklet Printing?

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What is Digital Booklet Printing?

Before we get into the topic of digital booklet printing, we must first discuss what digital printing is. There are so many technical terms out there that we need to know, printing used to be simple, we decided what we want, took it to the printers, and they printed it. Now we have so many choices from off-setting, ink-jet, laser, digital and oh-so-much more. Then of course there are the types of paper to chose from. So lets figure out what digital Calendar Printing is.

Digital booklet printing is printing something from a digital source onto your medium, usually paper. You have your digital image, either taken with your camera or already on your computer; the computer prepares your image for print using enhancement software with the outcome being a jpeg,.jpg, or .jpe format. Then you print it with your printer.

Digital booklet printing is cheaper than off-setting and much better for the environment because there are no chemicals involved in set up or clean up. Turnaround time is extremely quick because you submit it to the printers, they put it through their software to enhance it, and then print it. No setting up type, machines, paper, etc. So the time it takes for you to receive your final product has gone from weeks to days.

If you have written a short digital booklet or pamphlet and want only a few copies printed, you could even do the enhancements and print it yourself if you have the right software and printer.

Digital booklet printing opens up a whole new world for authors, it can mean you do not need a publisher to print your own digital booklet. It can also be of great use to publishers because it makes their job much easier.

Another perk to digitally printed booklets they can easily be published on the web, and for web-to-print, or saved on discs to read rather than printing out an entire digital booklet. Digital booklets can also be used on mobile devices such as phones, Ipads and tablets. Then of course there is the market of e-readers such as Kindle and more.

The possibilities are endless for digitally-printed booklets. As an author you are no longer limited to printed media, you can now write your digital booklet and make it available to forms of media. Print, web, e-readers, and so much more. Not to mention, now you can write your digital booklet on your computer, submit it to your publisher, they can prepare it for print and electronically send you the proof. Can you imagine how much time this

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will save, the amount of money that will be saved, and the ease of all this. Authors have entered a new era.

As with any printing you have done, you will receive discounted digital booklet printing when you have mass quantities printed. This is for your benefit and prices are nowhere near as high as they used to be. It is actually cheaper due to the ease for the printers.