Tips to Create a Catalog That Brings In Sales



Catalogs are one of the major tools that businesses have to provide their customers with information about the products and services. Most companies use them to provide an insight about the products that they sell. Unfortunately, catalogs are somewhat of a gamble. Printing catalogs cost a tidy sum of money and they might not work as effectively in bringing sales as you might have hoped for. However, cheap catalogs marketing plans do have their advantages which explain why they are still popular with many companies and enterprises.


The Reason behind the Continued Popularity of Catalogs


The fact is that nearly half of the consumer base still prefers to use catalogs when it comes to shopping. Printed catalogs are one of the biggest contributors to increasing sales through online purchases. It has been noticed that people who get catalogs delivered to them via mail tend to shop online for the products on a more frequent basis. Customers like to review the products thoroughly before committing to a purchase. A printed catalog helps them to do just that which in turn makes them more open to making purchases.


Printed Catalogs and Online Marketing


Online marketing has become quite popular in recent years. This does not mean that printed forms of advertisement and promotion such as catalogs will suffer with this rising trend. Instead you can choose to combine the two and increase the sales that your company receives. After browsing through your catalog, people can visit your website to place orders. This makes catalogs a viable option for driving consumers to your online marketing tools like websites. You are therefore using one form of marketing to boost the effectiveness of another.


  • Tips to Make Your Catalogs More Effective


Catalogs are undoubtedly a great asset to the advertising and marketing tools of your company. You have the ability to showcase your best products and wares through a catalog. A catalog can list all the products and services of your company in an attractive and appealing manner for the customer to browse through. You will, of course, need a plan or strategy to make sure that the effectiveness of your catalogs is maximized to the fullest possible.


  • Your Catalogs Should Reach the Targeted Audience


Unlike other methods of printed advertisements, catalogs tend to cost a sizeable amount of money. You will need to invest more money into printing catalogs than you would have spent on printing flyers or brochures. This means that you will need to ensure that your investment is not going to waste. One way to do so will be to give your catalogs to people who are actually interested in your products. You simply cannot send your catalogs to everyone in your mailing list for printed advertisements. You will need to streamline your mailing list and remove all those people that have no major interest in your products. This becomes all the more important when your products are meant for use by a particular section or niche of the consumer base.


  • Display popular and unpopular products properly


Your catalog might be viewed by a number of people. At the same time, not all of your products can be popular with your consumers. You should design the layout of your catalog in such a way that it places more focus on the popular products of your inventory. The popular items will be the ones bringing in the most number of sales. As for the unpopular products you might want to display them in conjunction to the more popular ones. You should give heavy discounts on those items so that people can start displaying some interest in them.


  • Make Your Customers Take Action


A catalog generally has a lot of space which you can use to include calls to action for customers. You should include as many calls as possible to increase the chances of sales occurring. Order forms should, of course, be present inside the catalogs. Apart from forms, you can encourage customers to head online to shop from your website. You can even inspire them to take a visit to your business place for shopping. There are many people who use catalogs only to browse through items. If they want to make purchases, they would rather use other methods to make purchases.


  • Testimonials from Customers


Even after making a complete and thorough list of all the products of your inventory, you might find that you still have space left over in your catalogs. You use that extra space to jot down testimonials and reviews from your customers. Printing such messages can encourage the potential customers viewing your catalogs to try out your services. Additionally, people will be more likely to show loyalty to your company. When it comes to the testimonials, use the ones that are more entertaining and nicely written. Boring testimonials can be overlooked by the customers and hamper the appeal of your customers.


  • Highlight the Offers


People who get your catalogs should have access to the best offers and discounts that you are capable of giving. Interesting offers on selected products can make the customers purchase other items that may not have discounts. One of the simplest tactics would be to give free shipping facilities if a customer makes purchases of a minimum value. Such tactics can help increase the purchases made by your consumers.


  • Gather Data about Marketing


You should compile reports on all marketing plans that you have executed using catalogs. You can analyze the data and develop plans to increase the effectiveness of your next catalog. These data can help you immensely in understanding the customer satisfaction and demands regarding your products. You should constantly update your data to keep track of the new consumer trends and economic changes.


  • Use Multiple Catalogs


You can create two or more different versions of catalogs if you want and then send them to your customers. This should be done when you are not sure of which catalog can perform better. You can ask the customers to provide feedback on the catalogs. Based on the feedback, you will be able to understand which design works better and then use it next time.