Guide to Printing Stickers for Your Business



Almost everybody likes and enjoys stickers. Stickers have always been a great way to get your products and your company marketed which is why companies have taken full advantage of it. Marketers in nearly every kind of business have used stickers for promotional and marketing purposes.

How Can Stickers Be Used For Marketing Your Company?

Stickers were originally used as a hobby material. They were used as ornaments to decorate homes, furniture and other items around the house. Children used to collect stickers in various shapes and sizes as these pieces of paper tend to be very colorful and interesting. The childhood obsession with stickers makes them a viable option for your marketing needs.

People of all ages will like and often enjoy stickers because they look very interesting all the bright colors and quirky shapes that they are created in. Cheap stickers marketing are popular because of the costs involved. You can conduct an extensive marketing campaign by printing a whole lot of stickers. However, you will still find that the costs of printing the stickers remain quite low.

Choose What Kind of Stickers You Want

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Stickers are well loved. That makes it easy to promote your products and items through stickers. Unfortunately, it is not at all that easy. The variety of stickers that is available is simply mind boggling and staggering. There are quite a few aspects to stickers and by creating variations in each of those aspects you will find that the numbers of sticker designs that you can create is simply stunning.

Due to the immense variations that are possible with stickers, you can easily get confused about the kind of stickers that you want for promoting your business. You should have a clear cut idea beforehand about the stickers and their design.


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You can take your pick from a pick from a wide range of materials when you are creating your stickers. The stickers should be created according to the purpose you have in mind for your stickers marketing campaign. You can use paper that is UV-coated if you are planning to display your stickers on areas that will receive a lot of sunlight. If your stickers are going to be placed outside your establishments then you should invest in stronger paper stocks that can withstand the weather changes.

The Finish

You need to apply a good quality of finish to your stickers to enhance their looks and extend their longevity. Weatherproof finish options will be best for stickers that will be displayed outside like in cars. A layer of UV coating can also be helpful in those situations as well. If you wish to make the stickers attractive you should get a glossy coating for your stickers to increase their shine and appeal.

The Shape

The shape of the stickers is one of their very important aspects. The shape of the stickers will be responsible for their attractive value. You do have the ability to select any shape you want for the stickers. The die cut printing technique is available generally from nearly every printing agency nowadays. You can create your customized shape for your stickers instead for option for the basic and the generic shapes.

In fact, you should avoid using those generic shapes for the stickers as they look boring. In order to make the best possible stickers, you should create a design that is as unique as possible. You can use the shape of your products as the shape for your stickers. You can always conduct searches in the internet to gain some inspiration and ideas for the shape of your marketing stickers.

The Adhesive

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The stickers need adhesives so that they can stick to the surface. However, not all adhesives are created equal. If you use an adhesive that is of a poor quality then you may find that the stickers are peeling off after a few days. In some cases, the adhesive does not even work and you will not be able to stick them on the surfaces.

You should choose the adhesive based on the surfaces that you are likely to place the stickers. You should also consider how long the stickers will be present on the surfaces. If you are going to place the stickers on cars or on glass surfaces, the adhesive should be clear and should not be very strong. You do not want the stickers to leave any stains on the surfaces when they are being removed. Moreover, you may not the stickers to be permanent. By using the appropriate adhesives you can gain a better flexibility over the display of the stickers.

The Colors

Since stickers are meant to be entertaining and attractive, you need to use the four color scheme for printing them.  A monochromatic color scheme has no place on a sticker that you are creating for marketing purposes. A four color scheme gives you more options for designing the stickers as well.

At the same time, you need to ensure that the color combinations of the sticker are good. Each color should complement the ones around it. The overall effect should be amazing if possible. At the very least, your marketing message or your product should get highlighted through the color scheme used.

Getting the Best Agency to Print the Stickers

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When you are looking for a printing agency to get your stickers printed you need to perform the search thoroughly. You should not choose the agency that offers you the lowest price on the printing job. The work that they provide may not be up to the standards of your company. You should always remember that the impression of your company can be conveyed by the quality of the stickers.

There are quite a few aspects of printing agency that you can judge them on. Only then can you choose the best agency. Apart from the price, you should take a look at the previous work done by the printing agency. The quality should be consistently high. It will be better if the agency can provide a variety of materials and inks for printing stickers.

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